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I work for BLUR. It's a new gaming and messaging app that features indie mobile games. 

People can play games and send messages to win free prizes, cash, and scholarships 

Love it! Nice troll on 14. Would love to feature this on our new app. How can we contact you?

Hey! Would love to feature your game on our new app. How can I  contact you?

Hey. Would you be interested in having your game(s) featured on a new discovery app?

Awesome. Just reached out on twitter. I am @theblurapp

Hey! Liked the game and would love to try others by you. What is the best method for contacting you directly though?

EcoClicker community · Created a new topic Love the game!

Hey! Had a lot of fun playing the game (the world ended after an hour :-( ) and wanted to talk to you about featuring it on an indie game discovery platform. How can I contact you?