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was a spooky lil game i enjoyed it even though I only got 3 of the endings will be looking into more of your games

Definitely will and i hope to see more games from you

my honest reaction is its a good funny game and plenty of ways to make the situation even more hilarious

So i've played this a good bit through updates an this is by far the best one thank you again for this game an great job.
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duck go honk bus go broom scissors go stab ( it was really well made it had good uneasy moments well done creator)

Actually never played any of the games like this but for my first one it  was really good spooky and unnerving as most horror games should be.

Definitely on of the better made games I've played it's good an unnerving making you wonder if your alone in the room an the story told with the floppy discs makes it even more creepy so id give it 10/10 

I genuinely have never been more scared than this game has made me feel. 

It is truly unique and such a good story from art to everything thank you so much for this I look forward to your next games.

I cn

I can feel the DREAD!!!

I genuinely love this game such nice clowns. 

I love this one so much it took what made the first on special an added on to it, and just as if not creepier

heh fog horn go burrrrrr

I swear to everything holy this is the most chaotic scare I have ever had, great game will play again

Spin go burrr