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great game, can you also do a stick shooter that has windows touchscreen support? keep it up

need more maps. guns need to be cheaper. please do some updates it not to bad

super fun! i enjoy it was thinking about donating to keep the development of this game going. please dont give up

why are you taking the game down?

this game for sure came quiet far. good work and i am looking forward to your next project

looks fun im giving it a try

im giving it a try!!!!

Grimfire community · Created a new topic the game is bugged
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i cant pick up weapons with E, and the moue wont leave the screen!. im playing on a gtx 1650 ti with 16gb ram with an i5 10th gen.  i dont think i should have a problem

awesome ill be waiting! 

its not to bad just needs more weapons and maps! good work keep it up

im trying it!

its not bad. ai needs to be tweaked and a better menu with a way to add bots. other then thats its good. keep going and dont give up!

im trying it!

its pretty fun! should do more with it though

it sorta reminds me of ghost recon wildlands! any update soon?

nice it works good


its having a hard time running on my computer. i cant seem to get passed the screens when you first boot it up. it gets passed unity logo then goes to loading and never loads. i don't have the greatest computer but most games with this graphics style work perfectly. please fix. the gameplay looks great honestly

very fun! I Hope you keep updating it. great work. following 

ok thank you i have some fixes/ideas. killing enemies is to hard and takes to much bullets

please update. please fix for low end pc

how do i spawn? i cant seem to find them on the desert map also good game

trying right now

i was online and was suprised to see in north american servers atleast 3 people were on ill check out your video


just downloaded!!