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This is awesome! 345.

So cute and fun! I really enjoyed working through the notice board goals. I didn't figure out how to do the accessories until the end, but that was a lot of fun too :D

This is so fun! Hah, take that, stupid ghosts. Digging the tunes and the artwork, too. The powerslide and ghosts falling into water are the most satisfying parts. Congrats on the launch, y'all. I'd love to play this with friends.

Touching and beautiful - great work! I hope you make more. Best of luck with the cartridge.

Coming over from your other game Wonder, I went back to your main page and found this and played all the way through - incredibly fun and polished! +1 to the commenter's suggestion there for a mobile game - I think that'd be a ton of fun.

Love this! (found via HN) Thanks for sharing. Played all the way to the end. Was hoping there was something after the last level, but <3 repeats.... :)