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This is really well done. The animations are smooth, and the "sound effects" are pleasant. The story is interesting enough for an eroge, although I wouldn't mind a bit more outside of the lewd moments. 
I'm looking forwards to the rest of this visual novel. 

PS: Could you please enable the ability to toggle "preferences.afm_enable" Maybe in the escape menu or something? (I had to enable console and activate it from there).

Also knowing what version it is would be nice (even if its just the upload date)

Everything about this is amazingly well done. graphics and audio is easily 9/10, Only problem is the game-play is much too short. I would easily pay for a version of this with at least 30 minutes of content (unlockables aside). As it stands right now its just too short. I really hope you provide some more content for it.

Im looking forwards to this, If you might need any help with the code or logic behind it let me know.