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Linux version has graphical glitches. I am using an nvidia card, and the ground appears and dissapears. Also, when I place houses, the money dissapears, but nothing shows up.

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I am very glad you found them useful and enjoyed them! I made them myself four years ago as a student because I was in the same situation :) For future reference and projects, times have changed, and there are now some sites that offer much better work under the same licences. You may want to check out sites like or generally have amazing quality all under CC0 licence.

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Hardly a game, but ok art I guess. Simple game project. I got up to 85 without cheating.

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I can't seem to get past 25 :) Really difficult short game

Played with some streamers during Ludum Dare play-testing, great entertainment, good design!

Beautiful vector art, nice and simple game, simple music.

No linux version?

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Incorect, all your stats will be flushed as soon as you mess with the number of doors, and it will be recalculated, so it is really not an issue. Also, if you want to set precise amount, you can just set your doors, and then set a max amount of times.

Works fine for what it is.

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Yes the faster the better. The more simulations you can get it to run, the more accurate your answer will be. In order to get more control, I am rather going to add a feature wich will permit you to select how many simulations you want it to run.

Very fun, thanks.

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That's good to know thanks! I updated the text to target windows specifically.