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No. I uploaded it with the win floor set as 3 and not 10. meaning there are like 3 enemies the player will never see. (Face Palm)

The original is an Android app. This one may follow suit.

Do you mean down as in tiles? or floor? and is it specifically when you start a level? that is a bug that i missed during dev.

Yeah I came across that, but I did not have time to fix it. I will try and put in a fix version later.

Misspell community · Created a new topic Changelog
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So this will be a change log going forward of everything different.


  • The Slime has been replaced by the bandit as the basic enemy
  • The slime now removes one max HP if it hits you.
  • Potions Spawn less
  • added some small effects
  • A bandit will show what it type it steals
  • changed the HP UI to show max hp also.


  • Added the new Salamander Enemy
  • Redid the Main Character Sprite.
  • changed scroll sprite to fit theme better as a book page
  • added the amulet treasure (Might get back a spell after casting)
  • Changed the HP to a bar instead of a number.
  • Added a title screen
  • new animations and effects
    • Pages move
    • Heal Animation
    • Feather animation (Placeholder for now. Need a better item for this)
    • Clouds! pretty cloud shadows
  • Book actually shows up on the last level.
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Well Big updates to this so far.

So these are the changes:

  1. I have changed the resolution and the layout of the screen.
  2. The inventory has been changed and now holds both spells and treasures.
  3. Treasures are items you carry with you and have passive benefits
    • Feather - Will heal you if you die (Needs a better name,)
    • Shield - increases your max health by 4.
    • Life Leech - small chance to gain a heart when you kill an enemy
  4. I removed the potionize spell

the game feels good now so my next tasks are

  1. Add 3 new spells (Not sure what yet)
  2. add 3 new treasures (Not sure what yet)
  3. add 2 more enemies (not sure what yet)
  4. name the game
  5. Create the intro, ending, and dying scenes.
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the main thing I was kind of aiming for was Items. I wanted the player to be really focused on using the items they found to try and beat the levels. I think the problem I have at the moment is Items are too limited in their scope. The Fireblast and stuff are nice to blast out walls and I have done that to create shortcuts to get to the exit. I wonder how it would feel if I removed attack all together, but that means I need to find a mechanic where the player always has items. I am also wondering if maybe I could go further and use items as a type of currency maybe have the player sacrifice scrolls for health or something.

Edit: oh about the Art. I am using the Pico8 color palette as a challenge to myself. It allows only 16 colors very limiting, but limits breed creativity.

Misspell community · Created a new topic Game Feedback

So if anyone any feedback, please leave it here. I would really like to talk about this game, get ideas, and see what people have problems with.