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Jason The Gamer

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I made a video on the tanks. Your last comment was really helpful even though I didn't get up to the forest. One day I will! It would be cool if there was a multiplayer co-op to play with your friends.

Your comment on YouTube somehow got flagged as inappropriate by their own inappropriate comment system. I apologize for that. I have turned it off due to how bad it is. 

Thanks for the help and answer! Do I have to keep buying the game for every update or do I just pay one time? Just curious about this.

I made another video on this, but I had a couple questions for the update. It would be great if you could answer them. I might end up making a series on this game.

I found your game by looking through with my friend, seeing what game would be interesting to record. I found this game interesting, and decided to record and play it. I will definitely stick around for the next update. Looking forward to it!

I made a video on this game. It's a pretty good strategy game. I love this game even though I'm bad at these types of games. I might make another video on this.

I played your game as my first video. The game was really good, but I found a couple bugs. The bugs are seen in my video. Will there be a Chapter 2 to this game? I would love to keep playing the game.