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By far one the scariest games I have ever sat at my desk and played, the jump scares was the most frightening thing I have experienced, the lure of this game is perfects and so is the music in the beginning lol... if any of want to check out my gameplay here is the link, If you enjoy please leave a like & comment, oh and subscribe YESS!!!

This update is the best!!! I enjoyed every bit of the new look of the school and the new mechanics of our favorite evil queen Saiko, she is tens times more calculated with her kills, and plays with you for majority of her hunt, she gave me no time to breath and I love it lol... I found my self scream in my new gameplay and that is hard to pull off... Kind of Lmao... I gave my best commentary and I hope everyone that see me play this amazing game enjoy.

I will be playing this again because i have not beaten it, I hope you all can come through and show your boy and this game some SAIKO LOVING!!! AHAHAHAH... 

First time playing this and it's so fun and her mechanics is insane didn't know she could hold you down until I saw the shadows... You guys check out my gameplay and tell me if you enjoyed or give it criticism  to help me improve my content.

Honestly this game gave me scare unlike any game I have played before, I found my self yelling out of fear at every turn, The lore of this game is what really got me invested, the twisted ending was mind boggling  as well, I wish It was a longer game I was left wanting more to be honest. 10/10 for a game made in 10 days!!!