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I remember last year, staying up 'til 3 am playing this instead of working on a project I had barely started the night before it was due... Loving the update! So glad Saya has an actual changing sprite now.

I loved it! I still can't tell if this game is about ADHD (the neurological disorder) or not but either way its all-over-the-place-ness really encompasses what having ADHD is like, to me anyway. I really liked the secret end, it felt like I was actually having a heart-to-heart with someone.

"butthole man! butthole man!"

It won't let me launch the game... I've installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled it a bunch but it just keeps telling me "Nothing that can be launched was found."

what a twist

I actually had an opposite experience. I liked Burdoc and Malik both so much and I was kind of really hoping for a poly end and it! happened! it was so cool!

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Great game, it seems really interesting! The inability to follow Haruka and the glitching girl(?) have me invested in this game. I'm having a little trouble with the group chat, though. It won't let me scroll down and see the other messages? I checked this page and the in-game help page, but I can't figure out how to scroll. Maybe I'm just being dumb, but could anybody explain how to see the messages? Thank you! | Edit: I saw that the creater explained that you have to scroll after each text, but I don't know how to scroll in the first place, so..

I really like this game, it would be amazing if you made a full version! The characters are so dynamic, even though they're just anime tropes, and I've gotten all the endings except Kuu. I did find a bug in Yan's end though, where it has a line from Hime's end, that I just thought I should point out to you.