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dear developer, I want to let you know that it is solved now after put the  new settings in my taranis. thank you very much 

hi thanks for reply, I don't have any other controller connected, and I don't have installed vjoy, please see the video I uploaded on YouTube and you Cann see the problem, I tried in a tower pc and a  laptop and I have the  same problem 

the frsky dongle works perfectly with others sims like liftoff but no luck with fpv freerider  ,

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Hello is the freerider compatible with the frsky XSR-Sim USB dongle? I am trying to use it but the freerider does not detect all channels  but if I use same radio taranis qx7 with other dongle rx2sim, it works perfectly but  I want to use the new frsky XSR-Sim dongle. 

I tried in another computer and same problem.