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The puzzles were pretty good, overall I liked the game but felt like there could've been more. ^^



Didn't know this was a rage game....good lord.

I got jump scared like crazy T_T

Great game! Wish it was longer ^_^

Great game, I thought it was very well made!

Addicting game! I loved it

I totally loved the meaning behind the game, it was quite SAVAGE.

This mannequin isn't joking around yalllllllllllllllll

Great game! Made me think O_O

Here's the ending. It was quite an amazing game! I loved the plot.

Great game! Had some good jump scares :O 

Finished Chapter 1, can't wait to what else it has to offer! Very interesting concept for a game I may add.

awesome game, frustrating a lot of times too! but i enjoyed it. FULL GAME here XD

Very interesting game, its very loud :O - short game, I feel like the daughter could've been included a bit more though-

Night 1-3 was great :O the graphics are a big TOO pixely but overall, great concept and game.

awesome game! great interpretation to the game as well. 

amazing story! short but full of feels.

Was a great short game! I enjoyed it :)

Paper guy is evil man... (RATED R) NOT FOR KIDS 

Great graphics! Enjoyed the game.

Great game :) Was easier than the first one I think though! Some random jumpscares that was pretty good!

Awesome game, very well done! Managed to finish it with the escape school ending :)

i liked it. very interested filipino folklore! :)

Played it a couple days ago, it legit got my scared my man haha. I like the eerie ness to it and the folklore/story made it way scarier. I liked that it didn't rely on jumpscares!

I thought the game was very well made! I completed all 4 nights but it scared the hell out of me. Nice work!