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Ty for reply. Sorry, I'm not that eager(commission thing) 

Hi, your assets are really cool. Could you make without outline version too?

Hi! I've sent a mail. Can you check for it? 

Wow so cute & many quality animations. I bought it even I don't need it for current project(take years)

I really like the atmosphere.

Thumbs Up!



Cool, but where can I find this beam like effect? 

Wow, ty so much!

your magic pack series are amazing!


finally, the bundle released!!!

Wow, I'm waiting for all skill pack's bundle.

Wow I love this! Please make bunch of this series for other classes!

Is there any suggestion for hurt?

Is the vine effect separated?(front vine - character - back vine)

Wow! You are a genius!

Thank you! your Hammer-rabbit-girl is main hero in this game. I call her Nora(named after you) When I start making money I will buy many many ko-fees for you!

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Cool! I was thinking side battler or platformer style though. It also be nicely harmonized for my project.

Do you have any plan for archer(or armed with ranged weapon) character?


Wow, will those characters in example preview be released in future?


Even with the careful considerations. Each action has suggestion and gif example. You guys should buy this!

OMG! I love this! 

Do they have attack, skill animation sheets?

You are awesome!

Wow! It is so generous. Many animations and effects. Even has a cute enemy!

Wow, that's nice!

Books are also be good!

Awesome! Do you have a plan for wands, staffs for mage? 

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I feel elemental form hurt->b2human->death is too many steps and bit awkward.(I think idle pose? in b2human) no offense, I'm very satisfied with this asset. I can use hurt and something like color change etc for elemental form death. Thank you for making this cool assets and available for sale. 

Could you make elemental form death animation, please?

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Love this assets! Will you make more item asset like this? I definitely buy it too.