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I was asking since I'm whipping up a Project Eris build for my nieces and nephews and if it'd run on a PSC via Amiberry I'd consider adding it.

Made a custom cover. Can't wait for the next release.

Made some cover art for this.

Made a cover for this game. Some time ago, yours truly caught the custom cover art bug, so I fired up Gimp and made a cover for this. And then I remade it, since I shrunk the previous on down to fit into a 226px square.

Wrong series.

If it helps, Are You Afraid of the Dark? is streaming on Paramount+, though some episodes are missing.

Shot in the dark, but would it run on the PlayStation Classic modded with Project Eris via AmiBerry or perhaps through Retroarch?

Can't wait. And can I just say how much the game's changed for the better between demos? Any word of console releases? I'd love to see this on PS4, preferably with PS Vita cross-buy. Keep up the awesome work!!