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shoot guess it's time to renew the email from the domain. For now, reach me at

Hey Tony! First and foremost, ICON 1.5 is not by me, but by massif press! The lore and artwork is theirs and theirs alone, and I am just grateful enough to be part of the community of creators around the game. 

Second! Yes, I am still around, and yes, I'd love to tackle some comissions. I have since then gone back to a day job, unfortunately, which means I'm not cranking out assets as fast as before, but I would love to do those.

Either way, I'm realy happy these are helping you out!

hey Quokt! It looks so cool, can't wait to play it! I'm tearing up a bit

I do not own most of the mech designs! They're from Massif Press' RPG, Lancer. The tiles and the GMS mechs are CC0, tho!

Hello! Sorry, I've been away for a while! What would you be looking for, tilewise? I need to go after Solstice Rain and Dustgrave mechs still, eh?

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Sorry it took so long to answer!

Tiled is completely free, and there's a video tutorial on how to use it for mapping linked in the files! 

não sei se ficou claro inclusive mas o pagamento é opcional! Só se tiver sobrando aquele trocado mesmo, de resto pode baixar de graça e passar pros colegas sem erro

No worries! Awesome, thanks!

Hey! This looks awesome! Quick question: can I make a prexisting loop (say, pacman ghost looking right than left) to animate alongside the path too?

Opa, valeuzão! Só vi isso agora mas te respondi lá no insta já :) 

No, thank you for stopping by!

Oh I see! I'll let you know if/when I add more to this in that vein, then!

Hi! That's entirely reasonable - it's a tabletop RPG term for images that represent your characters in virtual table tops like Roll20 or Foundry, since those don't have physical miniatures.

They're basically static sprites in this case, yeah! 

Yeah for sure! These are CC0 and this time they're all original designs, so go wild. Crediting me is also not necessary - but I'd really appreciate it and would love to see whatever you come up with hehe

That's so good to hear!! I'm really grateful you stuck around and it's reading stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile!


I think I covered most of the isometric fantasy bases here - maybe a sci-fi add-on or a contemporary urban add-on would be cool, but getting some more character tokens would definitely be the priority here. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey jumpjets, thanks for stopping by! Most of these characters are actually designed and copyrighted by Massif, so I don't feel comfortable doing that. I would love to eventually make some rpg maker sets though, and just characters are a lot easier than tilesets so it might happen - just can't promise a date as work needs to give me downtime for that!

derp found the devlog on the cover reveal, my bad.

Cover by Zack Morrison if anyone else has the same question!

Hello! I'm deffo buying the purchase version as soon as I can but meanwhile looking at the free version, I'm loving the art credits but I'm specifically floored by the cover art and the 4 iconics on this page, too. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find it on the credits - does anyone know who that (or those) artist is(are)?

Thank you so much! Really glad you like it this much, means the world to me!

Hey Turtle! That's so cool, thank you very much for sharing it. Only got as far as turn 35 haha

Don't worry! I totally undestand being broke, the fact that you like these and even took the time to comment here is more than enough and it did actually make my day that much better. Truck on, Lancer! 

Aaah muito obrigado!

Eu realmente me arrependo hoje em dia de ter deixado o save point do jacaré num lugar onde não dá pra voltar. Foi uma escolha proposital, pra não parecer que vencer o Dragão primeiro era obrigatório, mas que no fim acho que foi uma escolha pouco acertada. Fico muito feliz que tenha jogado, e mais ainda com o comentário! Obrigado, de verdade!

Hey King! Just returning to say we have 37 new NPC tokens now! Still working on the alternate size versions of those but that should get you a good start :)

Hey Antiks, small update regarding licenses: all the tokens in the GMS folder and on the NPC expansion pack are also free to use - the visual designs are all original, so now we have some CC0 robots to accompany the tiles :) 

I'm really glad you think so! Thanks for leaving a comment, too <3 

Hey jorblax! Sorry it took a while, but a new zip with individual hexes is now up! Let me know if they play nice with Hex Kit! 

This is all sorts of lovely, and the tile/sprite work is top notch stuff. Congrats!

sure thing! I'm out of town right now but I'll be back in two weeks and I'll update you then!

Thank you tons, King! 

I have indeed considering making tokens for the NPCs, but I still don't feel comfortable committing to a release date - I love the Retrograde Minis designs to bits, but since they're their own original designs rather than coming from the source book I feel I wouldn't feel comfortable copying their hard work. That means I would have to design all of them again, and while that sounds really fun, I don't know when I'll have the time to do it all. 

I definitely want to do those, though! Maybe when I have a more concrete grasp on things I'll announce them.

I have just uploaded the new file, so luckily you'll enjoy at least one of the 6 GMS designs! 

Thank you so much! I am trying to provide the best I can so I was really lucky to get that input

Glad to hear you think so!!

Thank you so much! Can't wait to see yours!

Thank you so much!

I do plan on adding around 6 "generic" original mecha frames for usage as Everest/Sagamartha options, but right now I'm drawing a blank on more tile ideas. Will definitely release a fantasy pack later this year, with a gridless tileset that shoud also be useable for Lancer - but that's going to be its own release :)


With the mecha designs belonging to Massif Press, I'm guessing a commercial Actual Play or something would be fine, but not a full fledged videogame, I guess? Either way, they own that part.

The tiles are completely mine so go ahead and use and modify them to your heart's content! A link back and/or credits would be appreciated, but not mandatory at all :)

This looks AMAZING. It plays great too but I can't get over how cool it all feels. 

Nunca joguei o tarzan de gameboy, quero muito dar uma olhada agora! Fico muito feliz quando as pessoas descobrem esse fogo haha. 

Obrigado pela crítica sobre os chefes - eu peguei isso no teste mas na época não tive muita idéia de como resolver. Acho que dar i-frames pros chefes já resolveria, mas fica o aprendizado pro próximo projeto. Brigadão pelo tempo de jogar e comentar aqui! <3

Aaaah fico muito feliz!! Qualquer coisa avisa que posso passar os arquivos da trilha também :)

eu já te disse isso, mas quero registrar: isso foi a coisa mais legal que alguém já disse sobre qualquer coisa que eu já fiz.

I've been musing for the past 2 years where are the BN inspired games, since we didn't see a lot of it. I'm super happy I found this. Great job.