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Delicious hot chocolate! And how did the key get there?

Great game, thanks for joining the Game Jam!

I made it to 426' 

This can be addicting to play! I want to get past the 500! 

Thanks for joining the Game Jam! Great Game :)

Cute little squirrel game, what more could you ask for! Great game! Thanks for joining the Game Jam!

Music intensifies...arm muscles flex...leaves begin to fall...


Haha love the joke and art style of this leaf punching game!

Thank for joining the Game Jam!

Great game! Relaxing and fit the Autumn vibe so well! Keep it up!

I saw this one on Twitter! Nice graphics and the people running away XD haha

Just like a Autumn/goat version of Santa!

Thanks for joining the Game Jam!

Eating everything in the Wizard's tower for money - a fun concept :)

Found everything and love the ending music! Thanks for joining the Game Jam!

Fun game! Makes me want more levels! :D

Great to see people joining together to make something great! Excited to see what y’all come up with! 🥚 🌸 ☔️ 



Attacking happens after the key is found. When someone lands on a space that is already occupied by someone else they enter into battle. This is when you would use ATK if attacking and DEF if defending. We like to hide all our items and flip at the same time, that way no one knows who is using what. It is up to whoever is playing as long as everyone does the same thing. Some people play that the attacking player has to show the weapon first.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bread 🍞 

I am glad you enjoy the game!

1) Blue Jazz attacks from a distance. He does not have to be on the same space as someone to attack them. And the further away he is the higher his ATK is. 

2) Hat-Nip can move two of the tiles by swapping their position with one another. But it cannot break the dungeon into two sections. So the two tiles have to be on the outer edge of the map.

3) Yes

4) you can only use food items at the start of your turn

5) it is truly up to whoever is playing as long as everyone does the same thing. We like to hide all our items and flip at the same time, that way no one knows who is using what.

Thanks for playing!


For your question about chests: you have to land on a chest tile to pick an item. Meaning you stop moving to get an item and cannot use any remaining SPD that turn. Chests can be used as many times as you like. And for the items once they run out it is up to you whether you shuffle and reuse or choose to run out of items.

Spikes/slime: every time you leave one of these tiles you roll. Whether you start your turn in one or are just passing through. 

Blue jazz does not ignore DEF stat. And yes I’m that example he would have 6 ATK. 

Big look’s ability activated when you are drawing a new tile. You can choose to draw three instead on one and pick your favorite to put in that space.

The key can only be attained from the key tile or by beating someone in combat.

Klepto can still use speed with his ability. (He is my favorite character)

Slip kid’s ability is his SPD for that turn. So you can either use your SPD or slide in a straight line.

For an item and ability at the same time: Depends on the Keeypling. Some abilities are used during combat or when drawing cards. But in general if the rules don’t say you can’t do it, then go for it! Makes it interesting.

Surprise tiles are only meant to be found once, but you can always shuffle them back in for more surprises if you like.

The switch item is treated the same as if you were swapping Keeyplings on the start tile. You keep the HP you currently have. And you would just be swapping between the two Keeyplings you have.

Hope this helps, I’m not usually on itch that much, but when I saw these questions I thought I’d respond.

Bread 🍞 

thank you! I liked you game as well!

haha that’s great! I wanted to make a short little cute game! 👍


Comparing my music to animal crossing and starred valley is a huge complement! And yeah, I think I need to make the objective a little more clear. Thanks!

thanks for the feedback. This is definitely just a beginning. If I was to go back I’d redesign the level layout and make the objective a bit clearer. 


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I used Godot

Fun little platformer! Nice job!

Fun to run around!

Thanks! Yeah it is just a proof of concept right now. 

Let me know what ya think!