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This game was very very very terrifying but good job :) 100/100 

Give it a go


This game was so terrifying and yeah amazing game 100/100

Another great game it's beautiful :)

Great horror game it was amazing 100/100 

I like this horror game its really good 100/100

it'S a great game and it had me on my tippy toes 100/100

I gave it a try. 

AMAZING GAME!!  100/100

I like the concept is nice, specially the art style of the game :) 100/100

Great horror game it scared the crap out of me!!


It's a really cool game and it was scary!

Good Horror game! video starts at 2:27

 It was a good short game and I enjoyed it

I like the art work a lot, and the game was cool, even though it was short, it was still fun to play!

It was cool game I had so much funnnn with it.

Had fun playing this game 

Great game so far and this game was scary :)

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it was a interesting game I like it

The Ward community · Created a new topic HI

The game was kind of weird but I like it :)

I like the game it was nice :)


I like it alot and a great pixel horror game.

Backrooms community · Created a new topic It was scary

I like this one its different than other horror game.

I really like this one it's really good and sorry about my reading I try my best hahahaha.

Cool game I like it

Wow I haven't played this in 10 months and now, i just played chapter 2 and chapter 3 it was fun playing this game again.

Hey what's up just gave your game a try and it was cool.

HAHAHAH no problem and let me know in the future if you make more games so I could play them.

Nice I'll give it a go again and thanks so much :)

It was a interesting game so I decided to give it a try.

This game was cool I had fun!

Cool little duck game.

It was a very nice scary game and beware of the video there's a lot of Screams HAHAHAH

I had played the original back when it first came out and this was really cool to see more added to it! but I think this one was more scary, so yeah great game.

Fun game, pretty scary. 

Cool game it was interesting.

Cool game I gave it a try and can't wait to see more.

Cool game I gave it a try.