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I had played the original back when it first came out and this was really cool to see more added to it! but I think this one was more scary, so yeah great game.

Fun game, pretty scary. 

Cool game it was interesting.

Cool game I gave it a try and can't wait to see more.

Cool game I gave it a try.

Cool game I gave it a try and don't mind the thumbnail just having fun with it lol.

Cool game gave a try.

Interesting game I gave it a try.

Cool game I gave a go.

Cool game gave it a try.

Hey I just want to tell you this game was scary as shit but great game tho!!!!

Cool game I gave it a try.

Great game I gave it a try.

Beautiful game amazing  it was dope can't wait for episode 2!!!!!

Cool game I try it out.

Cool horror game I give it a try.

Great game I enjoyed it.

Hey cool game I gave it a try.

Cool game.

Cool game.

Great game I gave it a go.

Great short horror game it was very scary.

Great game it was funnnn!!!!

It was a really cool short experience game.

Great horror game 10/10

Looking forward to the full game!

I really enjoyed playing this game and the story was very touching.

Cool game I really enjoyed it especially the shadow and its different from Little nightmare and Inside.

This game was a lot of fun to play and adding weapons to a shark was great.

This game scared my hairline off. Got to go to the barber now. 

Great little adventure, I like the art work it was nice.

It was fun playing this game and it scared the heck out of me.

It was a wonderful  game to play and it is, very tough for me to sing but yet I enjoy it a lot and had fun with it.

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Great game it was fun and scary!!!

This game 

Excellent short horror experience it was very scary!!

spooky and very well done. I like it a lotttt.