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Ancient Warfare 3 community · Created a new topic Props

Hi there,i think it would be pretty coll if you could add some ShipWrecks which could be placed on island or underwater.

Have a nice day/night

Hi there,'m just asking if you could add a bunkers in which units could be :)


Ancient Warfare 3 community · Created a new topic New Idea

Hi there i'm just asking if you could make same boats for red like its not fair that red team has  only 1 ship and 2 trading ships

and the blue team has like 3 Ships with cannons so i'm just wondering

Oh and BTW Your game is Awesome!! :)

Ancient Warfare 3 community · Created a new topic One Bug

I was just wondering if you can fix the WW1 Landing ship problem.When i spawn some units in it and they can't get out of the boat when they get to te Beach.Please fix this :D.But anyways i like your game :)

-Have a Happy Easter :D

Thx man your the best :)

Ancient Warfare 3 community · Created a new topic IDEA!!!

I just think that  you could add like deployable machine gun in objects so units would be able to fire with it :)

Hello there i buyed your game and it's awesome!!!!But i need to ask you something.If you can add some helicopters like:Huey,cargo helicopter.If you can add this please answer me.Have a nice new year :))

I'm just wondering if it will be on the steam soon now cause i can't wait!!!:)


can you add more helicopters in beta version pls?here are some ideas:UH-60 Black Hawk with machine guns on it and also a transporter.pls add this two new vehicles in beta version i will be so proud :))

PLease can you unlock at least all units in th game?i will be really happy.But i like your game to nice work :))

and this too

can you add a helicopter which will have a units in it also the hind pls and unloked in the demo version :))

thx dude :)

i'm very proud of you own game .i know that you wasted many time on the game but   you can at least play demo version for  free.Thanks alot man :)also it's good price of that game :)