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I don't know. This game is by Yukarigames... I don't make those games like this! Not yet, but in a few months or years I will do it! I will make it first on german, then I will make an update, with an english translation. If there's an not right written word or whatever, and also in this answer, forgive me, I learned english, but I have teached manny of the english words by myself. Or I translate it word by word, so I want say it in german, it doesn't make sense mostly in english. I mostly speak more german, and I am living in Germany.

I don't know. I bought it, but it is trash. You get nothing for 25$! I tried this, but it doesn't make sense, so much money to spend for this game! I hoped, that the deluxe version was better than full, but I was wrong...

Do you mean 'Demo'?

I have give you $24.99 for Deluxe! I have reached Level 11, but I tried 10 times or more, to win this Level, but this level is to hard, and I set the gameplay level on "Easy"! How hard it's this level, if I set the Game Difficulty on "Very Hard"? How can I defeat Level 11? Give me my money back, or tell me, how I can Win Level 11 on Game Difficulty "Easy", in "Deluxe Edition"! Should I Delete this Page or should I Delete your account? If you don't give me until the end of this week an hint to win this level, I will ban you from! Have you understand? And delete the intro! I'm sick of the "Warning" part and the Maker parts! Or should I Delete this from the game files? I'm upset! First with the "Deutsche Bahn" and yet are with you, Yukari!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this: I will find you in real life! And I will kill you, with the help of the entire Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why 3$ on, and on PlayStore is for free? What's wrong?

Date Mochi > April Fools Ending = Best Ending of the entire Game!

I follow you, but I have'nt get no games for free! When I'm the winner, or what must I do, to get free access to this, or another game?

Ich habe das ganze jetzt auf einem Linux im Browser geöffnet, und es funktioniert, fast wie ein Spiel! Ich würde dies gerne als funktionierende apk für Android haben. Wäre es möglich, dies zu erstellen?

I know!

Can anyone make a german translation of this, please?


Thanks 👍 

Do you release the next update in ten years?

(It's just a joke question 😂)!

What the...?

Ten years later: next update 😂!

Why 8$? I have the apk of the game and I will extract this!

You wonder with witch program I can do this?

I don't say this! xD

I have "Now" written, but it should say "No". Sorry!

How can I the dlc open, if I have this? I would know this yet, because, if I get this, then it's to late, if I don't know, how I can open this!

What?! Not available on android?

You released all other Visual Novel on android, why not this?

Sorry for my English. I better speak german!

Now downloads? Please add a downloadable version!

Oh, cool.

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What? 5 days old?

What's in the "Full"-version, and what's in the "Deluxe"-version?

Use the flashversion and install iflaz (a flash player for android)!

Video or audio?

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Is this from NomnomNami?

Can you please make a sequel of this Story/Game?

Where can I get this for android? (No Joiplay [This don't work on my Device])

I have it tested!

Is the new session on android now?

Can please just update this game?!

Are you sure?

Where I get the Android version of this game?

Uhhh 🤔, is this actually a 'game'? I don't know! I think, that's actually an radio, because of the name!

I like you're music, NomnomNami!

I don't know, if I ever purchase "Bad end theatre" on Playstore, but I think, I do this in 10 years, or whatever.

The 7th night is the custome night!

And it's "room" not "roon". I also don't know, what "roon" in german means...

And the FNaF Movie comes out in 5 days! With "Springtrap", also known as "William Afton" or "Purple Guy"! His most known sentence (I don't know, if that's the correct word for "Satz" in english is, but who would mind that?), is "I always come back"! This Time for real!


I can't wait for the next update! In which night will the first minigame start? Tenth 😂?

I know, there 7 nights. But why? Normally there 5 nights plus a sixth night and a seventh night, what can be triggered, if you start the custome night! I know, that I'm a FNaF fan are. I don't know the real word for "bin" in english.

I'm also waiting for an update from the "Fnia: The Golden Age" mod? If I can call this a mod. But it's an novel-game, that's working by self!

Google translator?

I can help you, to make the german translation!

Do you make also german translation for this game? I can't so much english write and read. I wasn't long enough in school to learn english, but I give my best to do it, for most of all english game creator! If you can german, please write me! If you don't speak german, I will try to speak english with you, much as I can!

Please forgive me, if my english is not correctly. I give me very much (I don't know the word for "Mühe"), but I will try always my best!


But there is one thing in the extras, what's sus too me. There is a point named "Minigames". I wonder, what's that's supposed to mean. And one last thing: Billy = Roger? In the gamefiles I found the original name from Billy. His placeholder is named "Roger"?

If I honest: I have the apk extracted with an programm. This application can be found on the play store. It's named "RAR ZIP Unzip Master".

But it's okay. I'm don't owen the rights of this game, but I want to say it this time too! I hope, that you ask Yuuto Katsuki, before using his story and other, that it's in your novel. Or you to are friends or partners, than it's okay, if Yuuto Katsuki give you the rights to use his "Roger" placeholder.

I can't you give this, but I want a clear understanding with you make! If you understand this. Don't get me wrong, but if you use any content, that doesn't belong to you, you can get a bad request.

I would just warn you! What Sun did in FNaF 9. FNaF 9 is Security Breach. I didn't play this game, but I have watched many gameplay vids on YouTube! Mostly the vids from Tjulfar or Sev, if you know this two guys. I watched vids from *Shilo & Bros" too! ...............


When comes the next update? I have the game completed! And the story is like the story of "". It's not always the same, but it's similar to the game from Yuuto Katsuki. And I have also his visual novel!

You and even he are my favourite makers for such of fnia content!

Will you make after finishing this game, make a 2. Season of this story? And will you make episodes in the extras?

I will love it, if you continue, to make more content for this game!

In the apk are exe (computer game data). Can this played also on computer, if I extract the apk and install the .exe on an computer-device? Will it work?