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Oh, nice video! Thank you for playing the whole game. And thanks for your curiosity: you regularly discover interesting indie games.

It already sounds funny. Maybe you can show some screenshots and a video on your game's page?

Search the internet for sprite sheets and check out the very good official Gdevelop tutorials. A tip for your game: experiment with all of your ideas.


The xbox 360 controller version can also be played with the PC keyboard. But I would always recommend to play with a controller.

It's just a speedrun game. It's up to your imagination what stories you see in it. Only if you have time, of course.

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

Which version did you download? The first version lets you control the game with the XBox360 controller using only the analog stick. The second version of the game lets you control it with the D-pad on the PC. With a generic controller, the game can be controlled by analog stick and D-pad.

I often had to imagine how Cuphead would probably move in today's (digital) world, where everything is flooded with advertising, information maximised by time pressure.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes, the running speed varies depending on the stage.  In some it is also faster than in the original. I was faced with the problem that when Cuphead moves very fast, you don't get much of the level design and backgrounds as a player. Well, maybe I should change a few things.

Sorry, unfortunately in the current version only the sound can be changed by the method mentioned above.

There is a Warp Zone in Stage 1, thanks to which the player gets to Stage 3, 4 or 5. (See YouTube video)


There is an exit in the Retro Loop Stage if the Ninja Turtle is not killed.

In Windows, you can click the sound icon in the Windows Notification Area of the Taskbar that looks like a speaker. In the small window that appears, drag the volume down to turn down the sound.

Thanks for the important hint. Originally I wanted to give the game an arcade-like flair, where it is not possible to save or pause. Should the game become more widespread with the wish for a save function, I will include it. Btw. what do you think of the GJ Mode of the game where the player has infinite HPs?

Thank you for your criticism. I like the level-skip idea. Maybe a warp zone should be hidden in each stage?! However, I didn't want to make my Cuphead Fangame significantly easier than the original. If the difficulty is too high for the game, I recommend GJ Mode, where the player has infinite HPs.

Great fangame! What do you think about this Cuphead fangame?

Thank you for playing this game. During testing, I was able to play through it with this keyboard layout without any problems:

Dash with Y

Shoot with X

Jump with the Spacebar

Left, Right and Duck with the Arrow Keys.

However, I highly recommend playing the game with a gamepad.

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After I asked him by email, he replied: "Well unfortunately you can only use EVERYTHING!!!1-11 Have fun!!!" 



Yes, the music video is highly recommended. The hero was illustrated by pixel artist Paul Robertson.

When I started with Gdevelop last year, I felt overwhelmed when it came to implementing my ideas. Thanks to your games and videos, I quickly managed to finalize my game. Many thanks.