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Jamy Catalyst

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Loved this game! Can't wait to get the full edition!

 Had so much funny recording it! 

Loved the game! Did a video over it! 

Loved it! The environments were beautiful! 

Amazing game! Actually one of the much more interesting horror indie games I've ever played!

Nice game, had a blast playing it! 

Played this six months ago and I'm finally finally posting those episodes! I loved this so much! It was so cute and sweet! And so fun!

Hey, nice game! Did a let's play of it for Halloween:

Here's the second part to the full playthrough I did on my channel:

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I freaking LOVED this game! I'm so excited to see more text based adventures from you guys! I did a full playthrough in 2 parts for Halloween! Here's part 1 on my channel:

My thoughts exactly, a Mai route would be amazing!