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Brave story/design to take on. I enjoyed all 10 runs =)

Thanks for commenting! I love hearing how people get on with this game :D

Nicely done =) Simple but effective gameplay. It would be good if there was a high-score on the main menu!

Couldn't find you on Discord so thought I'd leave a note here!

- Awesome core gameplay
- Track selection is perfect
- The natural scaling of difficulty works really well
- I feel like the hitboxes could be a little more lenient. Sometimes objects definitely seemed to be passing through the green line
- Some more context with art would be nice. Maybe show who's throwing the stuff onto the cake

Overall great entry, envious of your skills to make such an addicting game loop =)

Impressive amount of systems for the given time. Sad to see the gameplay didn't last very long after the first kill, but I might have missed something.

Nice mechanic and good progression =) Wish there was more!

Nice mechanic and good progression =) Wish there was more!

Plays great. The art is fantastic.