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Yeah, Caves are still a git to do, although I did at least manage to *meet* the Musca.

Some commendably quick balancing there, had trouble getting to wave 10 on Shack previously, but Casual, I quit after... 21? Yeah, 21, so that's good.

Haven't tried caves yet though, that's the real test, and I see you've got a fair amount of critique there already, as well as a fair amount of suggestions overall.

So this is just a note to say you've had a commendable early start on this, and I look forward to seeing what else you do with it.

Hahaha, they are a scholar, a brick, and other such british type words for good folks. :)

Would it be possible to get these templates in Scribus format?

Current critique:

- The game drastically slows down in the late game, leading to waiting periods that are a bit too long for a shortish game like this.
- Husbandos less appealing than waifus.
- No sound, would be nice to hear utterances/ambient sound. Maybe use bfxr for things like that?
- UX for the creature/mood window needs a colourblindness pass.

Otherwise, I'm liking the overall idea, I'm liking the mostly clear UX, and I'm liking the choice of monsterfolk!