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Jamie Parish

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Hey how did you sign up to ludum dare 45? what did you have to do exactly?

im not too sure tbh, its a great start to a potential idea. Kinda of like how granny is... this game has a more comical look to it with the style and music etc. so its not scary but itl make you scared if you get cornered and have to run away etc... could make use of temporary hiding spots? so she can run past and you slip past the other way. Id also make it so its all 1 house and you are never safe OR have 1 small safe point where she will never enter but the room is surrounded maybe so you have to enter and exit out the other side... make it so you have to plan more.... as i said its a great start to an idea, i just think it needs more

I love the idea but i feel its not quite enough. Like i was thinking this should be more intense... i found it really easy... im thinking you should make it harder to get and out and make her be more smarter make the building have 2 floors maybe and sometimes things happen where your route is blocked off and you have to go through a different way... each time you drop something off in the empty apartment then reset the other house conditions... make random routes become available and cut off etc throw off the player and make them scared... the theme fits well

well that was rude 😂 but yh I figured it out already 👍

Might be a stupid question, but 1. can i actually play this on my xbox one and 2. how xD