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I don't write that many reviews but when I do I really like the game. And this game blew me away. I was just gonna download it to play some mindless shooter to dull the time away. But by the end I was really enjoying the characters and feeling nostalgic about it. So if anyone is reading this, play the game all the way through it is worth it. And Dancing Engine thanks for the advice I will take it to heart. 

This game is really amazing and it made me heart melt. I hope you keep making games just like this. 

Really amazing experience, this made me feel all different emotions and creating the game to have no goal or ending to it is fascinating. I hope you keep making games just as good as this.

This game is wonderful the art, the music, and  the characters are all amazing. There were times were I had to stop playing to just take it all in. And throughout the whole game it just soothes the body. I hope Team Robo keeps making more games and finishes this one.   

You're welcome, yeah that sounds like a smart idea , and if you do publish it I will be sure to check it out.

Pretty fun game with a nice concept would be cool if you added some abilities or more monsters to the mix but nice job man  

I came into this game confused and left even more confused I think that was what you wanted 10/10 Would play again 

P.S You Good game developer?  

Amazing game man this had a really great atmosphere and the plot was really really good for how short the game was. And even thought  it had PT elements in it with the looping it was very different from PT.  And even with all those good things it was scary. Overall really good game and I hope you keep making them.

Great game man short but had me on edge the entire time. Really good stuff. I hope you make more stuff like this.