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wow thank you. but i dont understand why my life sucks.

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Wow. Ive never seen somebody with a fear of whales. I also never laughed at you
You also just Earned a like and sub!

Its GREAT! I love the Double Jumping feature!

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I speedrunned level ten and got 13:691 seconds.

Edit: I just got 13:302

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Sorry, I am not sure how to open the game on Mobile. D:
I will Try to figure it out: So Far I have figured out how to Download it I don't know how to open it :(

Was Really Fun And easy to download, If you don't know how to download it,

then follow these instructions.

1. Click download now.

2. Click on the ^ symbol on the file and click Open (or click CTRL + J on your keyboard while in your browser) 

3.Right Click on the file and click Extract. 

4.Go to the windows icon on your desktop and type "Siege Physics"  And it should pop up, click on it.

5. it should open the file explorer app, when it does, right click on "Siege physics" and click "Open"