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James Siebert

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Twitch Live Stream Presentation Comments:

mickbanks: James is aboard his Yacht…

elizashelley: oh my god so cool

mickbanks: Jet SKis !!

ashleyw13: this is wicked

saedavidjs: sleek

mickbanks: let’s go fishin !!

리지봉 (djh1001): This is great

ModeratoraaronatSAE: I want to go for a swim, now

1018422: This looks this unreal

리지봉 (djh1001): lol

carolynp67: From hearing about this as a thought at the beginning of the pitches to seeing it done. Wow, Impressive!

mickbanks: dive over the side & face slam the coffee table


ModeratoraaronatSAE: Love the shirt stack cube


saedavidjs: okay where’s the hot tub?

Redmangs: James is the king of VR

chrissaetwitch: 👍

mickbanks: awe struck by Jamae’s work here.. jaw dropping

elizashelley: yeah so incredible!

mickbanks: Send it out to Princess Yachts.. in Brisbane

mickbanks: $$$

Redmangs: James will be making the big bucks in no time there is no doubt about that

mickbanks: HDRP

mickbanks: amazing this is in realtime

mickbanks: wow spatial audio

thatf1loguy: Bruh u guys outdid yourselves

thatf1loguy: Great Work!!!

chrissaetwitch: Did u start w a stereo file or ambisonic file?

리지봉 (djh1001): Brilliant work

mickbanks: <3

oly1234oly: I lurv this luxury vessel

ashleyw13: so cool

james_siebert: actually has voice chat in multiplayer

1018422: Looks awesome guys

리지봉 (djh1001): Great work!

mickbanks: Top Stuff James

oly1234oly: woop woop audio

ModeratoraaronatSAE: James from games, remember the name/s