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This is a great library of sounds! I'd like to give you credit in my game. Do you have an avatar you would like me to use?

I always appreciate comments and feedback 🧡

Thank you for playing, and providing the music. 🙏

How can I resist! - I would be legitimately curious how you feel about the tracks I selected for the different scenes 😅

Your music is terrific. I loved using it in my game 🧡

Thank you so much for the terrific asset pack. I loved using your player character in my game. 🧡

Very nicely done :)

I appreciate you breaking it!

This is the first game I've ever coded. I made it short and sweet, intentionally. Whether you loved it or hated it, please consider leaving a comment. 🧡

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I just bought this pack today, and it's really great. :)

FYI - I noticed that Character 4's second attack sprite sheet appears to be the same as the first attack sprite sheet.