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Nice game! I like all the graphical touches that make this look really polished. I made a prototype of a drifting game recently so when I saw this game it caught my eye. One thing to think about: by the time you are this far along in making your game you are VERY good at it. So keep in mind that a new player is going to be really bad at it  at first and if it is too difficult at the beginning they may just stop playing and never give it another try unless there is some other reason to bring them back to the game.

I'm really impressed you made this with Game Maker. The depth with the trees and the car shadow make this look really good and give a very 3D feel to a game this is 2D.

Looks awesome! Do you have a game play video or some GIFs?

Cool game! I love the concept of adding elements to the game as rewards. And good balance with making the game harder as you gain new abilities. I saw Sprazzal commented that they like the delay in using attack and dash and I think that can work if the controls are really tight but sometimes the control inputs felt clunky. I think it's because of the way the directional control inputs are mapped. Very interesting and well done!

First of all, great game. Excellent graphics, sounds, music, game concept! All very polished. I've seen a couple other people mention it but I think the "jump higher" note is misleading to read before you figure out how to dash jump. The problem is that it's not easily apparent how to dash-jump or that it's even possible before you read the note saying there must be a way to jump higher. This makes the player look for a way to jump higher instead of looking for another place to jump. Perhaps the first few rooms should be more linear with less Metroidvania "gates" so the player can learn the all of the tools he has at his disposal before being introduced to the gates like the too-high ledge... Either way, nice job! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Really impressive game! I think the graphics are great. Very simple but appealing sprites and animations. It looks like there is a lot of depth to this game so I would suggest perfecting the early game so that players who try the game will stay long enough to see the later game. Are you planning to add a tutorial soon? That way people who try the game out now understand the cool features. Nice job, I'll keep an eye out for future updates!

Looks great! I'll definitely be looking out for updates on this project, both as a fellow developer and as a consumer. And I think this is a perfect fit for Kickstarter and think it will do very well. This looks like a good fit for iOS/Android, why did you decide to release for PC instead of mobile?

Nice job! This is a great example of a simple idea turned into a few well designed puzzles. Because I think constructive criticism is more useful to you than just praise I'll try to think of something to offer. I think  some of the learning curve was a little steep. I think you would have seen this in play testing but it took me a few trial and errors to figure out one or two of the puzzles when it might have been a little better for me to solve it mentally then test my solution successfully. Like it wasn't totally clear what the speaker was (but the the sound waves bouncing around were very clear). And I kinda bounced the waves off the edge of the stairs opening which seems like it wouldn't work like that really in real life probably. Anyways, I'm nitpicking. Really nice job for 48 hours! Hope to see more of your work!

Cool game! The sounds and graphics were great and I think the level design was good, too. A couple suggestions: the camera was a little dizzying when I turn the character left and right quickly. And I couldn't figure out how to close the game when I was done playing. But nice job!