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This was something truly beautiful. 

I was diagnosed with a disorder called POTS when I was eleven and I went through just about everything Rae did in her journey with invisible illness. My journey sent me to doctor after doctor, gave me handfuls of diagnoses, and way too much trauma to cover in just one therapy session. I lost so much that I used to love as a child and was forced to grow up earlier than my friends. But now I'm graduated from high school, working on my degree in the arts, and learning to love my new normal every single day. When Rae kept asking if she should keep searching, all I could think of was driving half way across my home city thousands of times and crying in shitty parking lots because yet another doctor failed me. At that time, I wondered if it was worth it to keep doing...anything. The repetitive nature of Rae asking again and again if she should keep trying hit so close to home. And the day when you finally get the diagnosis and it comes crashing down in on you that your life will never be reversed, there will never be a quick fix to what is wrong...I can't lie, that absolutely got to me. Like what Rae's mom said, someone told me something during my worst time with POTS that really stuck with me. "Every breath you take and every step you make despite your illness is a revolution." The ending I received truly encapsulates that for me, and I hope the devs go on to do even greater things. <3