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Jamesie Ghost

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I was so interested in this game when I first found it but it was only for mac. Now I finally get to play and it was awesome! I might go again just to achieve perfection 

Holy cheese balls! WHAT!? Wow! When I saw the Sally Face mask I just assumed it was because one of the members was a fan. I feel like I've been played, but in the best way possible! I've already found your game on Steam and I'll make more videos upon release because this was amazing. Thank you Steve Gabry, thank you Wither Studios!

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This was the best (and most agitating) let's play I have ever done so far! I was so focused on finding out what was the boy's story that I forgot it was a demo. 

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IMMURE | Antagonizing Stone It reminded me of Fran Bo and Sally Face, amazing artwork and thrilling story Wither Studios! I was so heartbroken when I gave up and killed Bennon

Thank you! If you plan to develop any more games then keep me in the know! It was a lot of fun 

I love the concept and the art :) You did a great job on the game and I popped by your Youtube page, very nice work! 

I tried to take the challenge to make it home and failed, but I had fun playing your game! Great work 

I thoroughly enjoyed your game, what I really liked was that you based the game on how you felt when making this game. Or that's how I see it, if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. Either case, I made a video of it and I hope to see more interesting content from you in the future, I may try out your current games, good luck!