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Sounds good! :)

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Whilst going through the tutorial, I didn't realise at all that you had to drag the mutation connectors (or whatever the terminology was) into the slots. I tried clicking a lot of times and in the end just clicked continue. Didn't actually realise until the second (or maybe third) time that they had to be dragged. Maybe a voiceover saying "drag into slot", or some visual indicator to show it needs to be dragged. Or even allow the player to select the DNA connector and click a slot to put it in?

Please include it in an announcement/email when you have the Discord server setup! Might be worth setting up a public facing Trello for bug reporting :)

Unity exposes quite a lot of these, so should be able to have these available in settings. One in particular I wanted to change was anti-aliasing. Running the game at 4K res means AA can be a little expensive, and somewhat unnecessary. Looks gorgeous though!

Could be quite useful to allow two possible input bindings for each action (quite a lot of games have a similar setup)

Wanted to bind a side mouse button to melee and one to grenade, but bindings didn't pick up any presses (tried all mouse buttons).

Experienced something similar, though my screen didn't freeze. My mouse seemed to get stuck in the middle of the screen (could still use keyboard though). A restart of the game kept my new resolution setting however