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James L. Stravinsky

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Very cool! I love the music and the art style is awesome. I love the nod to VA-11-HAL-A and the little fourth-wall-breaking at the end. I only wish it was longer

Thanks for replying. Quarantine kinda fucked us all up, hope you're doing well. Looking forward to that game jam project.

Very relaxing. Almost too relaxing. maybe im kinda high now. thanks.

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Is this ever coming out?

Not to be mean or anything, if you're still working on it take all the time in the world, it just seems a bit like the game is dead and i wanted to ask if it's still being worked on.

same here, although the game does look cool, very simplistic, as pico games tend to be.

Very funny. Very cool. Kinda short

I absolutely love this game, its really special and should really get more attention. The music is fantastic. The art is amazing. The story is quite cool. it really reminds me of games like Beneath a Steel Sky, and The Red Strings Club. the only major downside is that its really short...

I really enjoyed playing this, hope you'll be able to finish it :)

i had a fuckton of fun playing this. i would have given a detailed review if i had anything more to add, honestly its just pure fun and the music is kickass too.

I absolutely love the level design in this game, its so simple but not to the point where the game is boring or easy, its just on point. the mechanics are great as well, and the timing aspect fits perfectly as a challenging barrier. the art is also very nice and the sounds are satisfying and fitting, the music is cool too, and the sound effects work well with the atmosphere of the game. overall the simplistic and straight forward nature of the game and the fun platforming gameplay seem promising, cant wait for the full game.

great game overall, but it's a bit unclear what you're supposed to do at first, and the screen is a bit cluttered so it's hard to see what's going on, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun. (my highscore is 492, is that any good?)