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Jakob Fel

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I haven't yet (just did a quick try before bed) but I'll definitely be trying to beat it in the near future! :)

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Really neat game, so much nostalgia haha. Been a while since I've played a good, old-fashioned dungeon crawler! Plus, the more exposure Godot gets, the better IMO!

No worries, thank you for the clarification! I would never dream of even using the resource in my game without giving credit so yeah, I'd definitely never repackage it and sell it as just the assets. Thanks again!

Hi, I might be making a top-down RPG/adventure game and I was considering using some of your assets to augment my own assets. However, I notice you mention it can't be sold as part of another tile set or paid product. Does that mean I couldn't use these in a game if I plan to sell that game? Thanks in advance for any clarification!

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!

Hey, this looks really good! It's one of the first games I've come across here that REALLY piques my interest. That said, is there any way you could upload this to the site? That way, if Google Drive decides to delete it or something happens, the site would still have a copy of the game. Either way, I look forward to giving this a go!