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Thank you so much for that positive feedback! I'll definitely continue making tiny games like this in the future. 

Woah I never thought that my game would be featured on a YouTube video! Thank you!

As for your question, you can still get both endings whether you pick up the knife or not. It's just a matter of whether the ghost will choose revenge or let go.

Anyways, thank you for this feedback and I will use it to improve my future games. 

Since the title is From The Sun to The Moon, I imagine Soleil singing "Sun and Moon" to Esmeray XD

Baby baby you're my sun and moon 
Girl, you're everything between
A lot of pretty faces could waste my time
But you're my dream girl

Woah man this was creepy! It definitely reminded me of both the Mandela Catalogue and the Assessment Examination

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Oh I see. For me, it wasn't bad. The only shortcoming of your game is the length. But I liked it overall. It's graphics were pretty convincing.

Speaking of graphics, what did you use to make the graphics in your game? Was it from Scratch also?

The game was short but it was nice overall. It does remind me of Please Answer Carefully but it was more analog. What did you use to make this game by the way? I saw that this game was also posted on Scratch. 

Also nice graphics btw. It's very convincing. Feels as if I was in 1995 even if I was born like four years before that.


HAHAHA this is so funny

In the game, I finished the month with $179.370 and my health is at 40%. As someone who lives in a country poorer than Chile and has always tried not to splurge in real life, I felt like maybe I could have done better.  But perhaps it was just me.

Anyways, this game was awesome because it demonstrated how poverty forces people to get stuck in a vicious cycle where they have to worry about their expenses every day. I empathize with Chileans (even though my country is poorer and less stable than Chile) and I hope positive change happens there soon. 

Great! Thank you!

I want to ask if this (ClickTeam Fusion 2.5) is the software that you used to make HOME INVASION? I am just curious because I also want to start making my own analog horror games.

This game is proof that you don't need to have jumpscares or even scary pictures or moving objects to create a horror game. This game spooked me a lot, considering that I have someone in the house with me.