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Hi Atih, I did see a youtuber grab one of the extra flames in the first bonfire and drag it to other bonfires. Temp solution of cause before we automate more and more, as in Autonauts, have a look if you want. Great game, I just started today, great time to be a gamer right?

C u in the Discord! 

(could not find your name there, I'm called the same as here, find me if you want to chat ok?)


Hi, new to the Mac world. If I download the MacOs version here do I have another program then what is downloaded on Steam? That seems just one download... Does the program there 'see' the Mac and changes some settings?

And I hope someone can make a vid on how to open the terminal and type in those comments that are posted here. New Mac users are carefull to type in comments that they don't understand. Thanks and awesome game #whattagame ;-) Jake.

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Thanks and good luck with everything.

Jake. ;-)

:thumbsup: Good stuf mate. It's nice to see the early version and how you started! ;-) Yes, Raft is a great game also and has come a long way since it started here on Itch. The idea is great allready, some bigger places to 'land' perhaps, I'm glad I found your game. Jake. 

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Hi guys,

Glad I saved this link a while ago, let's jump in.

Allthough we gamers should be able to check all the keys and see what they do... I would like to see a page in the settings that sais Keys:  W,S and scrollwheel: move up/down, A, D, <, > : Rotate map. E: rotate while building. Shift: place more items. Perhaps a hint to this could be implemented in the tuturial.  <EDIT> This is all at the top of the gameplay page, raced right bye it to download the game. But if one makes this mistake.. who knows...

The double clicking to repair and destroy is pretty tedious, I would like to see a setting of 'one click action' or something like that... To bad if I destroy stuff without looking, my fault, should have been more carefull ;-)

As an older Tetris fan, love the challenge of placing the buildingblocks together.

The posts in here are a little old tho, any updates or plans for the future? Or working on other stuff?

GreatGame and I've only just started. :-) Cheers guys! (-; 

I agree on a colourblind friendly mode, I just found out that +/- 1 in 10 of male players could be colourblind. That is way more than expected. Not sure what they do or don't see, there are different levels to it, Sorry if you are colourblind, but I hope you are creative in finding little tricks that I would never think about. I follow a colourblind youtuber, otherwise this would be one of the few instances I would have heard about it.

A colourblind mode would even attract more players to the game right?

I did find out later in the game you can click any building and get extra info on it, perhaps MineGrayTV missed that. GreatGame!! ;-)

Hi, came from the Boppio community.

Why not left right stearing? Would be cool to move around more.

So far what you have looks very polished, you are on the right track.

Hi new people, even via the free version you have access to the Discord server... link is in the first screen of the game... Any feedback or vids are greatly appreciated! ;-) 'tough but fair' is this game. That's my review!

Hi, what do you mean? Works fine with WASD spacebar and mouse for me.....

Hi Nox&Team,

Some questions, how big is the team? Where are you from? and... What new project?? ;-)

I would love to see some 'behind the scenes' on youtube if you don't mind. I think you get alot of love if people can actually see you... I don't know about prices for games, get your game to as much as Indie-Tubers as possible and who knows what can happen...

Follow your heart, not your brain, in that case... I made some vid a long time ago, just cause I was crazy about traffic and merging... Don't know why but it 'had' to be done... Follow that force!!!

Good luck and keep on trucking, greets from Holland!!

And do you guys have a Youtube. I have been following the Astroneerteam for a while and just started to follow Satisfactory. Even with one or two vid about some 'behind the scenes' stuff would be awesome! Try to get a 'cheap' version out, give the game to some Youtubers and who knows... Might me a very nice 2019 for you guys!! Greets from Holland.

Hey guys, just found a playtru on Splat's channel. How are you doing these days? Have a merry christmas and a great Gamefull 2019!!

Haha, awesome you tried lol. 

Btw I also saw that you can create like nametags for your bots... looks like a piece of wood.

You should find it in one of the machines or workbenches .... ;-)

After playing Grow Home, Astroneer, Kingdoms and Castles and Stonehearth I really don't mind these visuals... Mindcraft looks worse yet everybody seems to play and like it.... ;-) (Not bashing this game, just for reference) Perhaps some different color shades in the future? Something that sticks out a bit?  . I do admit when I saw this game for the first time on a Let's Play I didn't click at all with it... Now it's all I seem to watch and play... So perhaps I started to disagree with the writer of this post, now I might agree... But this does grow on you.  Perhaps with enough exposure everybody will like it more. Good luck and see you in 2018 guys! Greets from Holland

Hi, that is only if the game would be installed. Look where you unzipped the game, find saves, right click on your save, copy, then paste, now you have a backup.

open the orginal, takes a while, ctrl F, type in bots name, rename your bot KatherineOfSky or Jake. save, open your game, load game. etc you are done ;-)

I even did a test when the game was running. after changing your names, save the text file. go into the game and press esc, then load, then reload yoursavefile, names are updated!

Greets from Holland,


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Hey Guys!

I have seen this pic around, prob Twitter, good stuff! I have not been taking good care of my locals yet but.... I will be good to them in the future! It's weird to say but when I saw this some time ago it really didn't click for me... now..? WhattaGame!!!  The future is beautifull and I hope your game will take off! I am doing my best to get it noticed, so keep our fingers crossed. Bigg Hugg from Holland mates!! ;-)

Hi Puddincakes,

I liked your review very much! Learned a few things too... Get some wood back by demolishing a piece of your raft, the spacebar and you need two trees to set up your Hammocs/Meat racks.

You should review more games I think.. even create your own Ytube channel for that... if you want... ;-) cause you are to the point and clear!

Happy Gaming,