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Jake Mcpartlin

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I'm genuinely not sure what to say about this game, but I will say it's one of the most effective horror experiences I've ever had the pleasure of playing. 

The first encounter genuinely almost gave me a heart attack, the sound design and buildup is so perfect, and it was so unexpected.

You've created an utter masterpiece!

That was super fun! Really difficult puzzles not going to lie. The visuals are absolutely incredible, super unnerving to be locked in the room with that creepy clown

Could be super interesting to look into some SCP's

This is absolutely going to be something special.

The game still has a fair bit of jank, especially the jumping attack with the axe, but honestly, a little bit of polish and this is absolutely going to feel like a AA title, the atmosphere is incredible, I could feel it weighing down on me from minute one. The combat, while it still needs a little work, already shows that this is gonna play well, and the controls are smooth as hell, at least playing in third person.

Absolutely keep up the brilliant work, I hope this gets the exposure it deserves to succeed!

Seems like a really fun concept. I like how you play with the positioning of lights to cast shadows, it really adds to the atmosphere of the whole house.

Just a few things I noticed, there's a weird bug where the headbob must be tied to FPS because I had about 400 fps and my camera was shaking like a madman. Also, when I got the generator, I'm not quite sure what do. 

Could be an idea to have less candles scattered around, and one that you carry around and have to keep replacing, to add to the tension. But a super atmospheric and fun game!

Pretty good for a first game! 

I would avoid leaning into Jumpscare = Scary, especially such loud ones, as they kind of just got annoying after two, but you definitely have the basics of Unity down, It's all just refining knowlege of stuff like proper game design and psychology from here!

Keep going and don't give up!

Just a heads up, the game won't run for me, not sure how it is for other people. I know unity and webGL have some issues sometimes so it may be that?

This was a lot sweeter than I thought it was going to be. Great work! The art style is unbelievably gorgeous and it was a super fun premise.

This is a super fun little proof of concept and the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to see this expanded with more types of zombie and more levels and released as a full game.

Loved this game, a really fun bite sized little platformer!

This game seems like its going to be super fun! The movement is fast and fluid, and in combination with the shooting it feels great, I like your powerup system and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. 

I feel like the gun's running out of ammo could do with something like a sound or visual effect, as a lot of the time I accidentally borked the reload minigame (great addition by the way) because I was holding down the shoot button and didn't realise that the minigame had triggered. Additionally, in my personal opinion I feel like its very easy to get overwhelmed at the shop, though maybe that's the feel you're going for. If not, maybe adding a force-field around the shop that keeps enemies out, but also pauses the timer could work?

Other than those two small (and quite subjective) issues, the game is great! I hope you manage to plow on and make the game as big and as great as it can be!

Solid game! I love the twist. I couldnt even be mad about the cactus because the music was such a vibe