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Really goofy little horror game

Its really good, seems promising. I don't think there is enough finished yet to be released though.

Really cool short game. Would be cool to see this idea built upon.  

wasd is not working to move

Really interesting and scary horror game, although it is a little too slow paced for me. Not my video but I did edit this for a good friend. He thought the pacing was great and genuinely enjoyed the entirety of the game 

Not my video, just one a buddy of mine made that I think deserves more support :)  

Not my Video just one a buddy made that I think deserves more support :)

Not my Video just one a buddy made that I think deserves more support :)

Awesome short horror game

The game Does not work, I can not get past the title screen. First game I've ever downloaded from like this.

Cool little horror game 

It was an okay little game, my computer did not like it though

Very cool short horror game, I would definitely recommend people to give this a try 

Interesting little game, honestly left me quite confused. 

Cool little horror game, could definitely become a full out game. Really reminded me of Resident Evil 7. 

Awesome little horror game, another game I think would be cool to have an extended version.

Super weird little indie horror game. I would love to see something bigger built off of this game. 

Cool little horror game, not overly scary

Awesome little short game. I would love to see it become something larger. 

Had trouble with this one, Took me so many freaking tries to beat it... only to realize there are alternative endings

Awesome little horror game, had a blast

Freakin awesome and original horror game 

Awesome Vr experince although you do not see siren head much

Had some issues but overall a pretty awesome siren head game