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 I really liked the first one but this one definitely did not hold up as good

Interesting little SpongeBob horror game.

Hey everyone,

I uploaded a video playing Mooshies Kitchen. Check it out if you are interested, I would really appreciate feedback. I need people to be blunt with me about how I can improve while still making the content I want to make. 馃檪

It was a cool, well made little game. I beat it in under a minute. I'm not sure if you can die or anything, basically you just collect a few items then leave rock bottom. 

Graphically really good, atmosphere was great. This is clearly just a demo, I would love to know more about the lore and see more Rootman as a full game.


Not as disturbing as the first one, definitely more weird tho. 

Awesome little horror game. I made some pretty silly mistakes tho 馃槄

This game was so unexpected.

My man patrick has mad secrets. 

Maybe Mr. Krabs was sourcing Krabby patty meat from him?

This game felt unbelievably awkward in the best way possible XD 

Awesome recreation of mario 64! Super awesome to see it as a horror game!

This game was actually pretty fun once I figured out what to do. It actually ended up reminding me of Slender. You collect codes to escape the Simpsons home and killer Homer. 

Was expecting it to be a decent poppy playtime knock off but I was completely wrong.  It was actually just as fun if not more and felt really original. Very excited for the next part in the series 

Garfield be mean cat boy.. big spook

Really goofy little horror game

Circus Of Freaks communityCreated a new topic Really good

Its really good, seems promising. I don't think there is enough finished yet to be released though.

Really cool short game. Would be cool to see this idea built upon.  

Really interesting and scary horror game, although it is a little too slow paced for me. Not my video but I did edit this for a good friend. He thought the pacing was great and genuinely enjoyed the entirety of the game 

Not my video, just one a buddy of mine made that I think deserves more support :)  

Not my Video just one a buddy made that I think deserves more support :)

Not my Video just one a buddy made that I think deserves more support :)

Awesome short horror game

The game Does not work, I can not get past the title screen. First game I've ever downloaded from like this.

Cool little horror game 

It was an okay little game, my computer did not like it though

Very cool short horror game, I would definitely recommend people to give this a try 

Interesting little game, honestly left me quite confused. 

Cool little horror game, could definitely become a full out game. Really reminded me of Resident Evil 7. 

Awesome little horror game, another game I think would be cool to have an extended version.

Super weird little indie horror game. I would love to see something bigger built off of this game. 

Cool little horror game, not overly scary

Awesome little short game. I would love to see it become something larger. 

Had trouble with this one, Took me so many freaking tries to beat it... only to realize there are alternative endings

Awesome little horror game, had a blast

Freakin awesome and original horror game