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Thanks man, i was having trouble finding this file in order to change the config, but it was in front of my face the whole time. Thanks lots!

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As you stated, the game is developed around Oculus Rift gear, but I own a vive and cant seem to get it to work in here. When i open the game up my head starts in the floor, so i need to start the game with my headset on the floor before putting it on, then after this I can pick up the tablet with the triggers on either controller, but i cant use the triggers to select any options. Also it tells me to check the 'controls menu' but i cant get to it because i cant select anything on the tablet nor is there anywhere i found called 'controls menu'. Overall im mildly confused how to use this stuff using the vive, a tutorial would be helpful. EDIT: I tried plugging in my Xbox controller to see if i could use the X and A button on there to fake a oculus controller but it didnt work either, this game needs a vive control set please!