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I adoored this game

Thanks for making a video, glad you enjoyed it! Just noticed that you were actually playing an old buggy build from Sept 2020, when the most recent build is April 2021 with much more content and polish in general - so some of the awkwardness you ran into is long-since dealt with! That said if you're interested in checking it out again, I'd just wait a few months more until the updated demo comes out :) Cheers!

I'm glad you enjoyed! 😄 I barely had a chance to playtest for enjoyability, so I was really hoping it'd all come together at the end!

Can't wait to see more! :D

This is a problem with your local device, unfortunately, not the game.

The files are all the same version for different operating systems. There are icons showing which, and you can hover over for the full filename.

same tbh

Katana!! Your energy is so good in this, I was so into how into it you were :D Thanks for sharing!

Hi arsenkka, that happens when your computer can't handle the GLES3.0 open source drivers the project uses. If you message me at or on the Discord server (link above), I can get you a copy of a GLES2.0 export that will work.

(The full game will have a proper configuration file that manages this, but for the time being, it's just a separately exported executable.)

Hey, thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed! :D

I actually just posted a new patch, which you'd have to redownload (but won't break backwards save compatibility). It addresses some rebalancing of the Waking Fossil fight, and adds one more secret event :)

The white Xs aren't quite visible enough yet, yeah - I'll need to iterate on that a bit more still. But thanks for passing that on!

Yes! The full release will be on Steam, Itch, and possibly GOG.


Thanks Chillera! I'm aware of #1 as the game's currently meant to be manually downloaded (I'm not sure why the itch app is pushing it when I haven't yet set up the app integration - I'd prefer it didn't until I was ready for it).

#2 is a bug that's been cropping up only in the Kickstarter build the past few days, and which I'm trying to resolve for the March 30th secret content update. Right now if you can open the settings, turn off fullscreen mode, and turn it back on, that should reset it to 'proper' full screen! Sorry for the inconvenience there :)

No, I can't sustain a living without charging for the game, nor would I feel comfortable about dedicated a total of a year and a half of my life to giving away a high-effort product for free. The demo will remain free forever, and may still get 1-2 updates in the future.

Please see this answer below!

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Hey sikry, while I'm thrilled at how the Kickstarter is doing, $24,000 CAD is not even going to cover my own costs, just rent while my partner covers everything else. Even if I didn't need the money myself, it wouldn't be half-enough to fairly pay a single additional developer for a year. Just to make it clear that it isn't some colossal amount of free money to throw around!

Unfortunately that's part of exporting an EXE for a small project - until Microsoft can see it has been publically downloaded X number of times, it will warn you that it's an unknown file. Every time I put out a new version that download count per-file drops to 0 so this will happen a lot until I stop updating it :/

It is safe, though, and only needs to be approved to run.

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the art, Yoppy. Did you end up trying the demo?

That depends on how much funding the Kickstarter gets! Hitting 100% will take us to the very end of the year, while adding in the stretch goal content would extend development time by 3-4 weeks per.

I loved your video!! Thanks so much for sharing! Your enthusiasm is so contagious hahahaha 😄 I'm so glad you enjoyed!

Extra-hard bonus levels you say...? 00

So glad to hear about the hyper successful launch!!

I've been waiting for you to drop this!! :)

Thanks Liam!! : ) Definitely will on both counts! Linux users have been a big part of the 7k download milestone!

Sorry to hear that, Enderslime! Do you know which star you weren't able to get? I haven't had any other reports about a problem like this, and the code around the stars is quite simple, so offhand I don't have enough starting information to have a sense of what happened.

Gotcha! The game doesn't auto update, so you have to re-download when there's a new version :) Glad to hear it's an old version as I was sure I had fixed that for 07!

Thanks for letting me know! Could you tell me the version, either on the filename or the main menu in-game?

Oh wow, that's so awesome Enderslime! 😄 Really glad to see you back trying the demo updates! We're only about a week out from the big lore update with a ton more to do and read about the world, you should check that out too!

PS - we'd love to have you in our discord! It's a great place to share stuff like this and has a really good community in general!

Levels 1-9 😌

Level 10 🥵

Very cool puzzle premise, love the art and aesthetic! The difficulty spike is suuuper high, but I enjoyed a lot! I finished through L11 (I guess the first auto-generated one?) and 12 hung on the pre-level loading screen; I had fun though!

Haha I'm so glad you noticed! 😄 I've been trying to apply as much feedback as I have time to, that was some really good feedback!

Only 2,993,500 to go! 😆🤞

I don't know how to fix it, sorry. I've heard of a lot of general problems with Macs not being able to run games that weren't compiled on a Mac themselves due to overprotective authentication design - apparently Steam has a way of authenticating Mac builds, but it isn't something widely available to other platforms. Wish I could do something :/

Haha, appreciate that! The boss is a bit on the hard side for a first boss, but easier than you'd expect once you get familiar. Try to match the boss' strafing during the run-and-gun phase; if they're moving clockwise, try moving clockwise as well. The mid-health attack is quite hard to dodge but it only happens that one time! If you've having trouble with that one, you can actually dodge more easily by moving slowly to avoid running out of dodge room too fast. Hope that helps!

Are you trying to download via the itch app? The itch app requires an integration I haven't set up, and I wish I could disallow the option. It has to be downloaded manually from a browser.

Otherwise, there's zero server connections of any kind in the file itself. It's entirely self-contained.

Not so much classes, but definitely a wide variety of spells and utility abilities. The plan is for someone to have any 3 spells selected at a time, out of >12ish planned. So you can choose your own kit out of options that are largely balanced, with some asymmetry.

Not sure I can help you troubleshoot that, I haven't heard of other Linux users having any difficulty with launching so I'd assume it's a local issue.

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Sorry, the game doesn't have true save files right now. I'll add some messaging in the game to indicate this - I'd thought of it as a one-session demo and hadn't thought to advise players of that. Apologies for that surprise!

Edit - As of early December, the demo now has a proper savefile :)

Hi Ari, I can't control that unfortunately. I'm signing the file on export, but if your computer has any stricter security settings enabled, that may just not be enough. I haven't taken any steps to acquire a formal signed certificate but that's something I might be able to look into in the future.

Thanks Liam! I'm so glad to hear your experience was so positive 😄

Getting ready to run this for a small group tonight, first time playing for us all. I'm finding there's a lot of ambiguity that is making it hard for me to grasp the gameplay loop.

The first note is that how to write a secret confusing - the only guidance given is "write a secret" and clarification that bird-related secrets are their alibis. Since there are no examples listed, I'm finding this hard to picture. Metatextually I can assume that this is a Clue-style format where "a secret" about a weapon is a flavourful way of saying that you know that weapon was not used in the murder, but since the appeal of the game to me is the bird-character setting, knowing what to picture would help.

I also can't be sure of that assumption either, since the rules only state that bird secrets are alibis, but not anything about weapon secrets, and then there's a lot of rules referencing "if the secret is an alibi" which seems to make it an important distinction that not all secrets are. This kind of leaves the role of weapon/locations secrets in the gameplay loop unspecified. Alibis are relevant to winning the game but weapon/location secrets don't seem relevant to anything.

For Suspicion, I didn't understand that Suspicion was a gameplay value for a while. "Secrets" are a concept so I assumed "Suspicion" was a concept, but based on reading some of the move descriptions I had to work out that it was an actual number-based mechanic. The Suspicion rules also say "if the murderer reveals themselves they can attempt to pin the murder on the bird with the highest suspicion" but the murderer wouldn't know that they're the murderer, so I'm not sure I follow why or how a person might end up able to do that.

I'm also curious about the secrets in the nest; in theory you would have 4 secrets per player and then each draws 3. That only leaves a few secrets in the nest - less the murderer's name, there'd only be 4 cards in the nest in a 5-player game. Since there are a lot of rules involved in drawing secrets from the nest, I guess it just feels a bit odd as you would run out very quickly and then mostly be left with interrogating the other investigators after your first turn.

I know that's a lot of feedback at once. Just letting you know as it might help others in the future to clarify these further!