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wow, this new update was amazing, great job with the update, it was amazing I have my own predictions on how the story will go but I know I'll be wrong about this but I want to say what I think.

1.Before Tai had his own route I kind of had a prediction that Tai and Spencer had something or a relationship or a deal.

I personally thought that Spencer was a weird person at first, then I thought he was in the mob, but right now I personally feel that he has a personal "relationship" with Tai.

personally, I don't think that's the case I know the story has something hiding and I personally feel that he's a time traveler I know it sounds weird but I personally think he's a time traveler or a mortal lol.

2.Adrian what the fuck??? lol I understand he can do it but it's kind of stupid. anyways I love Logan he's just amazing I'm very excited if there's going to be any scene with him but not like this

Personally, I feel like every character should have a cheat scene or a bad route, but I thought we might have had a choice to make the decision, but it seems like we're not going to have one or something like that.

I just guessed with Kyrex we had an option to do it or not but this seems really different we just didn't have a choice and we might cheat on Tai

Let's cross our fingers everything can fix itself and we can try to go back with Tai.

(sorry if this was a drag to read, I know my English is not that good big props for the update, and with the game, I love this so much I'm very excited for the next update and I wish I could support this game on Patreon)

 richards route? when is the release date?

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after you finish with the main characters do you think you will dabble on the other characters to being a dateable character? 

Eric could be an open type person in a relationship or talk about other guys and maybe other stuff ;D

 and I personally felt that when we were in the club we had a personal chance to cheat on tai, diego had one so why not he can have one too


does anybody know how to turn on the narrator????






the game right now is unplayable I can't click anything I'm getting a lot of errors. help

nsfw?? in the game