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Jairo Palomares

A member registered Nov 03, 2017

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Okay thank you for your help. I really appreciate it :)

Sorry to bother you. First of I love your idea for the game and the models are pretty cool.

Now for the problems i found. 1. was I could not use my Xbox controller to play the game or even start it.  2. I really couldn't plant any seeds or you know fuck any of the monster girls that was passing over the fence. 

If you can help out that would be great. I would love to see more of the game and i really would like to support you more on it. I know the game will do so will and i know the problem might not lay on the game. I hoping it it something I'm might be doing wrong and, or i might of missed something. So please and thank you for helping me

Art work and the design of the characters are well done. I am always at amazed how well drawn the characters are. The game play was fun and the story was very interesting and awesome.