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I think your game is missing some files and it won't run.  In a game i built recently i had these files:

- name_Data

- MonoBleedingEdge

- name.exe

- UnityCrashHandler64.exe

- UnityPlayer.dll

Also, it would be better if you uploaded it all in a .zip file, because the browser might complain if you try to download an .exe directly.

Thanks for playing and making the video! Unfortunately the jam build was very broken as you can see :( 

Hey there! Thanks for playing :) Apparently there's a bug in the last build were the monsters stops spawning but I couldn't track it, so your video helps for sure. I'll look into it later 

When they are far from the player they are moved closer to him,  so that shouldn't happen. Did you play the jam version or the updated one? Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :) 

Sure! I just uploaded builds for linux, but i couldn't test them. Please let me know if the work correctly. Hope you enjoy the game :)

Thanks for the video!  I agree with you, that last part was very badly designed and we will fix that in the post-jam build, as well as the physics bug you had with the little guys and the 100% anticlimatic end... sorry about that, time constraints.

And again, thanks! It's really satisfying to see someone play a game that you've put so much work into :)

Hey, thank you very much for playing our game and making the video! :) It was very cool seeing you struggle with the packages haha. Is it ok if I link your video in the game's description?

What do you mean? If you are playing on windows you have to download the file, unzip it and open the. exe file. 

They are pretty similar, but the postjam version had a couple of fixes and improvements to make it more understandable and challenging. Also a new dog :) 

Hey! Just in case, the phone is in a little table outside the house - a couple of persons thought the switch near the television was the phone. Other than that, it should work! LMB to interact  in the jam version, 'E' in the post-game version. 

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Hi! I didn't notice it was the wrong build :| I've fixed It now. Thanks! :)

I can download it in different computers with no problem. What does it say?

My mistake! I fixed it, thanks!

Hi Raindrinker!

Yeah, the mechanic are not one of the game's strenghts - we had big plans for the "smell-things mechanic", but we run out of time and we could only use it in the crossroads. It's one of our weak points actually, juicing the games and polishing the gameplay, but we're working on it.

Thank you very much for playing and your feedback! We appreciate it.

Hi mitschoko, thanks for playing the game and your feedback!

At first we wanted to make the smelling mechanic one of the main mechanics of the game, like having to smell other dogs to get info about them and stuff like that, but because of our daily jobs we couldn't make much of a progress during the week and we had to shorten the scope. In case you played the jam version, we made the post jam with some small fixes and changes to make it more intuitive (it's still not greatly intuitive, but it helped a little).

Again, thanks for playing it! :)

Hi there! Thanks for the video, it was very funny seeing you roleplay the characters :). We had bigger plans for the smelling mechanic, but because of time reasons we couldn't really implement it as much as we wanted and we just left the "Finding Rocco" part, which feels a little weird but at least we made it in time! Also I agree the ending is a little confusing, we originally wanted to make all characters suspicious but then it is not really evident who did it (btw in Mutt's house you can inspect the stuff he has and you see everything is fake, and there are also scraps of paper in the garbage - if you ask them about them he answers kinda nervous, but yeah not very intuitive!).

I appreciate you managed to beat the game and made the video, i was smiling the whole time :)

Hi Raithias! I know the game is a bit rough in the jam version - we weren't home that weekend so we couldn't polish it as much as we wanted and we only had a week overall to make it. But anyway, thanks for playing it :)

Hey there! Unfortunately these weekend it was local festivities here so we couldn't polish the game as much as we wanted. We have uploaded a new build with some fixes that we hope can make the game more understandable, in case you want to give it another try.
Thanks for playing! :)