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With all the running I did in this game because I was so scared, I am sure I can run a marathon now. Had my heart pumping and wasn't expecting the scares in it. Had a lot of fun playing~

The plot twist at the end had me speechless, really kept me on my toes.

My sibling jump scared me in cleaning service, the scare of someone chasing you while trying to clean up and escape definitely gets the blood pumping. Great game really enjoyed it.

This is something of my nightmares, game was very well made and very scary. I couldn't help but think of The Ring or Grudge while playing this.

This was an adorable visual novel, Alma was so adorable that I felt bad doing the bad endings. Would love to see you make more~

This was great! I was scared the whole time playing. Really enjoyed it~

Absolutely terrifying and great game! Thank you for the flashlight~

I really enjoyed this horror mystery. The concept of closing your eyes to escape danger is brilliantly terrifying~

I couldn't figure out how to get the other ending, I really wanted to help the bunny but couldn't think of where to find the arms. This was a good short scary game that definitely make you rethink doing delivery jobs. The creature coming after you was scary!

The atmosphere in the game made this game creepy, it made me keep expecting an unexpected jump scare. The twist was great and had my mind completely blown.:)

This game was amazing; the voice recognition blew me away. It made it very immersive, and the buildup to what was happening in office was great too. Scared the hell out of me. 10/10 thank you~

*spoiler alert* I did get the good ending; the story was really good and I enjoyed the characters, Dee was so relatable for me. I am not sure if the other endings had more of the ghost interacting, I did see from another commenter about a true ending so at another time I will definitely have to give this game a revisit to further explore the other endings.~

Love the voice acting, an the cryptid characters I have met so far. I can't wait to dive in even further and meet the other characters in game and to see how this dating sim unfolds~
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Absolutely terrifying, 10/10. I was familiar with the house's layout but with everything added to it, it really made it unfamiliar to me really fast and again terrifying. Thank you and can't wait for the full release~

Can't wait for the full release, the game was absolutely terrifying. 10/10~

Thank you, really enjoyed the game~

Thank you for this scary game, I apologize for mistaking it for a cult game but definitely gave me a few scares, can't wait for the full release~

The bugs made my skin crawl and the bathroom scene...oh man, scared me. Great game and thank you. 5 stars~

I wasn't expecting either outcome, thank you for this cute and scary game~

This was a great game; I do apologize for saying it was a demo. Gave me a lot of scares, my son even jumpscared me while playing lol

This was so cute and creepy, I loved it!

I am guilty of making ramen in the middle of the night so I can relate to this a lot. I enjoyed this and the different take on horror. It was quirky, fun and a cute little horror game. Thank you for making this~

The atmosphere, the music/ambient sounds really brought the terror in this game, along with the story and entities of course. I was thinking it would be kind of like Phasmophobia at first, but it proved me wrong so fast. If anyone wants a really good terrifying scare, I highly recommend this one. I do apologize in advance I had the mouth of a sailor while playing. This is a very great scary game, 10/10.

Can't wait for the full version, this had me so scared!

You're so welcome and thank you :) again loved it! No worries about the key ^-^

Absolutely loved it and Subject 65 music taste I can hang with~

Really enjoyed this, I was actually scaring myself lol. Amazing graphics and would love to see this extended especially with the VR~

I got confused a couple times; how dark the environment was definitely made it scarier. Loved the creature design!

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10/10 for scares I wasn't expecting. Loved it!
Definitely play this at night~