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Jai Carey

A member registered Dec 27, 2016

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Replied to Death_ in Raft comments

This game came out 11-12 days ago and it is the HIGHEST DOWNLOADED game on Itch.io and it is also the top-rated game.

so Trust me its growing :D

Also they may-or-maynot be doing multiplayer due to the team size (3 people)

Posted in Raft comments

Dear German Developers, I have been playing your game for 10 days now and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have had a very few problems (except for the Loading glitch but you fixed that :D)

Due to the game having limited things to do I have a few suggestions

1. Save Slots

2. A Throwable Spear to kill sharks or latch onto debris, if you kill sharks and it lands onto the head of the shark you can get out your throwable hook and bring the shark over to you for shark meat :)

3. Storage Boxes (I know you are working on this so good job :D)

4. Tides?? / Wind so you raft can move and maybe hit other islands that have some supplies on it :D

5. A CONTROLS OPTION honestly I think you really need to get a settings option for the game for New-timers, I had to look through all of my keyboard keys to find how to build things.

6. Different Animals (Birds, Seals, maybe even big fish like tuna that you can catch with a throwable spear :D)

7. Those are just my opinions of what you can make and you do NOT haft to make them I just thought it would make the game a lil' bit more interesting :D

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Replied to Zetabite in Raft comments

Hopefully :D

Replied to BenPerry in Raft comments

Sadly No, but they will be fixing that later on

Replied to Imodziak in Raft comments

You need to put in a name. and it looks like your pc cannot run it very well in the first place. Sorry.

Replied to AmfetamiN in Raft comments

Trunks as in chests, supply holders, Storage ect. yes.

And I have not be informed that they are working on new recipes but I am sure they will be :)

Replied to Patryk97 in Raft comments

They Have Plans.

Replied to bodapipo in Raft comments

Install Winrar, Install Game, Execute to Desktop, Open Folder. Click the .exe file. choose your settings, done.

Hope This Helped ^_^

They Will. They have plans and it most likely working on it now.

lol. actually no.

As the team said on a couple comments before yours, they do not have any plans of making multiplayer due to their small team (3 people) sorry.