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will  do so well done 

I enjoyed it a lot great job! :)

it worked thank you so much :)

I beat the first battle and it just freezes on the attack stats and i cant press anything. Ive reloaded the page and it does the same thing.

i have no clue what to do 

never mind im good

im honestly lost lmfao

how many enemies are there

really really good game i would suggest maybe an option like a close up on the h animation like lets say the slime when it comes u get a close up of it coming and dripping out idk thats something i would like and certainly sound but overall really great looking forward to supporting u

REALLY nice game loved it and quick question are there only one scenes for each mon

such an amazing game loved the first part cant wait for more scenes and some cum sounds but overall a really good game

i think its a really good game maybe a creampie scene would be amazing but good job i liked it