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Programming day 2

So this is the end of the deadline and decided to finish this little game. I spent 4 hours polishing it (a little).

The game name was changed to Simple Space Snake.

And it looks like this.

Sadly, I am not able to submit it because a guy on irc says deadline is over.

Well, whatever, it was a lot of fun. Give it a try, if you wish.

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Programming day 1

There are very few days for the deadline and I'm just going to create the Android Studio project. That's living on the edge, man.

I spent 2 hours to create this beauty:

Stay tuned. Follow me, maybe.

Created a new topic My little arcade idea
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Hi gamers and devs of the world. I'm proud to show you my idea for the libGDX Jam 2016. I tought that a great way to do so is by uploading my first awful concept art (and maybe the only one):

Strange Space Snake's first concept art.

The game's name is Strange Space Snake. It will have some strange special effects, it will happen in space and, you guessed, it's based on the popular snake game.

Stay tuned.