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This was really cute!

 I wish it was longer though. 

There's obviously a lot of tension and background between Fabius and Aelius but we see so little over it in the scope of the story, so their romance scene seems to come out nowhere. I want to see more of them! 

The story seemed really interesting though and would be amazing as a longer, more fleshed out game. 

All in all though it was enjoyable and I really loved the art. Took about an hour to beat, got the bad ending, then got the good ending with the romance. 

This is a cute little adventure. Interested to go back and see how the other backgrounds play out (and trying my gun in more places!)

One thing I noticed is that, in order to buy the book from the shopkeeper, you can only have ONE coin in your inventory. If you have two coins, you can only respond that you have no money.