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Jago Games

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Pretty good chance there's some of this going on for Marty.....

Yeah it's just demo glitches, I was experimenting as a joke, the next version shared with backers will be cleaned up.

there could be its just more work to code


This is amazing!

Thanks that's what I'm trying to make, something to show people they can be more than the standard!

Thanks for the bug feedback, I will address all those issues in a future update!

You just have to survive each day, perhaps there will be some short time loops each day, but once you get to Tuesday you will not go back to Monday

Nah it's going back to just being Marty Greenwood all the way!

Hey, have you tried making any of the custom new blend modes in the newer versions of renpy?

Thanks for the support, I'm glad the project is back too!

Thanks, yeah I'm back!

Here's a playthru, enjoy :)

Nice, a very solid little level, I like it a lot! The dark atmosphere was great!

Thanks, I'm glad :)

The core part of all that is it seems to be impossible to reach out to people with large audiences, maybe if you had some money to pay them sure, I don't right now.

Yeah a first KS is a bit of a learning curve, if it doesn't hit target we just change the plan I guess?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

These are great, would love to know if you take on Visual Novel game work?

Keep it up! Such nice girls!

I would say my main VN inspirations are:



True Love 95

Bible Black

That means its good right?

Who u simping for? Sylvia with the purple hair?

It's ongoing, a new demo will be out may be in a few weeks, also I will be launching a Patreon soon to help development.

Feel free to join my discord for more detailed updates :)

Yeah, I wan't "Jago Games" to start out as being known for making VN / pick your own adventure games that are very high quality.....thanks :)

Great demo, keep up the good work!

really good man

really cool vibes

Hello world, the demo progresses slowly but surely, lots of learning to code in RenPy happening behind the scenes....

No problem, I really like the game so far, characters, story, art, music, all good!

Cool, look forward to seeing future installments

Great game, downloaded it off steam today!

I mean the RenPy Lemmasoft discord

Looking forward to seeing more of the game as it develops, good to see you're another Australian VN developer! Are you on the RenPy discord server?

Also have you got any kind of youtube channel? Would be cool if more creators shared their development process on youtube.

The girls in the game have great appeal! good job