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A member registered Feb 02, 2017

Recent community posts

Thank you for giving a chance to play this awesome prototype. I feel this game has big potentiality that develop further and want to see update soon.

  • Core mechanic: Follows a girl in my dream

Based on playing the short demo, it was not a traditional puzzle game. It is an absolutely fresh genre and concept.

I don't know what will be happened next scene. What if the girl suddenly disappears the other night? What will be happened if I follow the girl every night? What does the girl actually want from me? What if I don't like her and I want to go my own way.

Core mechanic of game is really awesome in the situation that I have only few instructions and clues.

Also, Best Luck as a title looks so cool that need to be lucky in uncertain environment.

  • Loop: moves to the spot pointed by the girl -> solves the problem with luck -> gains some rewards or clues, then moves again

It feels enough based on current version. However, in my personal opinion, it will be better to have features that interact with other users to attract massive players. While a user play solo in a dream, the user can see other users when not in a dream. It will be possible to get helped from others.

Also, everyone has different dream. It will be cool if the girl inside game acts differently based on how to play. For example, a face expression of girl can be sad if a player can't find a direction in proper time.

Thanks for showing early demo again. I even want to get involved in this project!